Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The treasury that got it all started!


Join my Etsy Team!

Hi Everyone!
Ive been spending the last couple days doing a lot of promos on Etsy. I came up with an original idea. I put together a treasury (collection of items) that all had something in common or represented something. It was a great success with almost 400 views in less than 24 hours. Because of the great response, Im making a new Etsy team for this very purpose. If youre on Etsy, come join the team either to make new treasuries or just put some guesses out there. Here the link to the team:


Come join the fun and maybe win some stuff!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thinking of Valentines Day

So looking forward to Spring, but first is Valentine's Day. I am making a bunch of new products to celebrate. I just made some red, pink and white felted soaps. They are covered with merino wool which acts as a built-in washcloth and shrinks as the soap shrinks. Very pretty and eco-freindly. Also, I think I need to make some special bath salts and massage oils. Can't have a proper celebration without these. Rose potpourri is in the works.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Full-time soaper

Well it looks as though my wish has come true. I got laid off my full time gig and am expanding my bath and body biz. Keep posted for lots of updates, articles and recipes!

Friday, March 13, 2009


This is the very first post of my new blog- SakuraSoapworks. My name is Jamie. I have been making cold-process soap for about five years. I also do melt-and-pour soap, candle-making, and just about any other bath and body product synthesis imaginable. I am starting a soapmaking business- SakuraSoapworks. Sakura is japanese for cherry blossom. One of my fave flowers.

I live in central Illinois and am trained as a physician. I was in my fourth year of plastic/reconstructive surgery residency when I had to quit due to a new diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis that made continuing as a surgeon impossible. I always loved skincare and always planned on creating my own skincare line. I am merging two of my greatest passions into my business. One glitch- business is probably the one area I have no formal training in. No, matter! I just have to keep my day job in public health for now.

I am blogging about my foray into business from the very beginning. I have been a lurker and participant on many yahoo groups and blogs about soaping. Now I am starting my own. I figure if I am spending so much time and energy supporting soaping adventures that benefit others, I may as well start my own and be in charge of the content.

I have also always wanted to be my own boss.

I enjoy yoga, gardening, dogs, birds, thai food and breadmaking to name but a few of my non-soap related activities.

My dream is to be able to support myself from my soaping business. I also would like to become a supplier of ingredients of the highest quality for the industry. Currently, I am on Etsy- a great site consisting only of handmade and vintage goods. You can see a few of my works at SakuraSoapworks.Etsy.com

Follow me on my soapmaking adventure.