Friday, March 13, 2009


This is the very first post of my new blog- SakuraSoapworks. My name is Jamie. I have been making cold-process soap for about five years. I also do melt-and-pour soap, candle-making, and just about any other bath and body product synthesis imaginable. I am starting a soapmaking business- SakuraSoapworks. Sakura is japanese for cherry blossom. One of my fave flowers.

I live in central Illinois and am trained as a physician. I was in my fourth year of plastic/reconstructive surgery residency when I had to quit due to a new diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis that made continuing as a surgeon impossible. I always loved skincare and always planned on creating my own skincare line. I am merging two of my greatest passions into my business. One glitch- business is probably the one area I have no formal training in. No, matter! I just have to keep my day job in public health for now.

I am blogging about my foray into business from the very beginning. I have been a lurker and participant on many yahoo groups and blogs about soaping. Now I am starting my own. I figure if I am spending so much time and energy supporting soaping adventures that benefit others, I may as well start my own and be in charge of the content.

I have also always wanted to be my own boss.

I enjoy yoga, gardening, dogs, birds, thai food and breadmaking to name but a few of my non-soap related activities.

My dream is to be able to support myself from my soaping business. I also would like to become a supplier of ingredients of the highest quality for the industry. Currently, I am on Etsy- a great site consisting only of handmade and vintage goods. You can see a few of my works at

Follow me on my soapmaking adventure.